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    On air: Sundays 8-9 AM Eastern Time (New York time zone).

Air date: Saturday January 14, 2012

Attorney Doug Clark, your host of "All Things Marcellus: Shale Gas and You," your neutral unbiased source of information on the fast-evolving Marcellus and Utica shale plays in Pennsylvania, for landowners, and all oil, gas and mineral rights owners, and anyone interested or holding a stake in the outcome of this massive geological energy resource. Doug goes over the hottest blog topics that have received the most attention on The Clark Law Firm web sites - and are the most popular with All Things Marcellus listeners from Pennsylvania and around the world.

Doug covers: landmen and their oftentimes misleading pitches to landowners, Western PA shallow gas wells that the smaller operators are trying to cut the landowner out of while they try to "flip" it to the larger mega-operators (Chesapeake, Exxon, Shell, Sinopec, Total, etc.). And Parol Evidence rules- these are what control any verbal side agreement to your written gas lease or pipeline agreement. Conflict of interest: How some landmen pretend to act as your lawyer- even claiming to fight for your interest- while indeed acting as a double-agent, betraying your interest, and instead operating in the best interest of the gas company- their true client and true interest they're fighting for- to the great harm of the landowner- who has usually sacrificed quite a lot more than $100,000 in bonus, royalty and land protections.

Full show (1 hour) - Listen Now! "Landmen" - What Landowners Really Need to Know

Part 1 - Listen Now! Well Site Agreements and Damage Releases; Understanding the Landman's Role, Shallow Well Leases and Deep Shale Formations
Part 2 - Listen Now! Estate Planning, Doug's Family Example Involving Expiring Lease, Landman "Pitch" - Be Careful!, Know Your Leasing Market
Part 3 - Listen Now! NEVER Rush to Sign; Landman - A Deeper Look into Landman "Tactics", Ultimate "Truth Tester"
Part 4 - Listen Now! Landmen Promises - "Truth Tester"; Intergration and Parol Evidencel: If Not in Writing - NOT Part of Agreement

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